Construction machinery and equipment rental in Bucharest and Ilfov (Corbeanca, Balotesti, Otopeni, Tunari, Peris, Snagov, Buftea, Ciolpani)

Bucharest excavator rental

Our company offers interested companies a range of machinery, equipment and tools for the construction industry. All machinery and equipment is rented with service.

The area of efficiency is represented by the construction sites in Bucharest, as well as in adjacent areas, such as Corbeanca, Balotesti, Otopeni, Tunari, Peris, Snagov, Buftea, Ciolpani.

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We provide our customers with a range of construction machinery, tools and equipment. All machines and tools are rented with service. For details, information or quotes, please contact us using the details below or via the form.

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